Mould explores the intertwining relationship of the natural and built environment which has developed into the present day tourist town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The ever growing built environment is defined by two types of Molds (or Moulds) that construct both the grandeur and the deterioration of human’s desire to populate the natural environment for touristic pleasure. 

The film aims to stimulate introspective questions related to the environmental consciousness all humans should have for any place that they live in. Some of those questions include: What are the materials that make up our everyday environment? How can the built-environment, have a positive socioeconomic result as well as a minimal negative impact on the natural-environment? Should visitors to a place be required to meditate on what makes it possible to take refuge in a resort-based model of vacationing? Does the short term gain of economic prosperity justify mass land development at the expense of the natural environment? Or, will mother nature’s fortitude heal itself through the passage of time?

The film encourages audiences to mould their own meaning of the contradicting issues that are being presented.

Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Years: 2014-2016